2013 Emirates Melbourne Cup Tour visits Cape Woolamai

34 successful destinations have been revealed to host this year’s iconic Emirates Melbourne Cup Tour, which will traverse Australia and New Zealand during its three month Australasian journey. 

The Emirates Melbourne Cup Tour has provided rural, regional and metropolitan communities across Australia and New Zealand a chance to experience the magic of the iconic trophy.

Phillip Island link to the CUP

Captain John was a sea captain, publican and horse owner/trainer and farmer. When John moved to Australia at the age of just 12, he lived in Darebin creek before sailing the south pacific for a few years as captain of his own schooner. In 1868 John purchased land on Phillip Island and built a house which is in part still there today, and named it after the land he built it on, ‘Wollamai house’, named after Cape Wollamai.
In 1870 John purchased and trained a horse which he named ‘Wollamai’ also. In 1875 Wollamai won the Melbourne cup after having to walk all the way from Phillip Island to Melbourne just days before. The year it won the Melbourne cup was the first time it was run on a Tuesday and was the year before a trophy was introduced.
Start Thursday October 24th 8:00am
End Thursday October 24th 5:00pm
Woolamai Beach Rd, Cape Woolamai, Vic, 3925, Australia
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