Whale watching

Whale migration along the southern coastline of Phillip Island commences soon.

June marks the start of the annual great whale migration, the best time to witness Humpback and Southern Right Whales as they travel the coastline of Victoria!

Would you know how to tell the difference between the whales? Humpback whales have the characteristic white ventral (under) side, long flippers, a small dorsal (back) fin and a rounded blow. Southern Right whales, on the other hand, are generally black in colour, lack a dorsal fin, have rounded flippers, and have a V-shaped blow. Did you know that the blow was originally called ‘spout’ as people thought they blew out water? The blow appears like water because the warm air is released from the whales’ lungs at high pressure and condenses in the cold air.

For a chance to see and learn more about these majestic creatures, join Wildlife Coast Cruises on their Winter Whale Cruises.
Bring a pair of binoculars and a warm jacket, and see if you can spot a whale or two.

Wildlife Coast Cruises and Phillip Island Helicopters are providing information on whale sightings to our Visitor Information Centres and on a new map.

Phillip Island Helicopters provides scenic flights across the Island and are always on the lookout for migrating whales.