Indigenous History


The traditional owners of this area on Corriong or Millowl (Phillip Island) were the Boonwurrung people.

The descendants of the Boonwurrung and the Wurundjeri Balluk continue to live in greater Melbourne area and take an active role in maintaining and protecting their culture and heritage.

The Boonwurrung People

The Boonwurrung consisted of six clans, known as the Yallukit Weelam, Ngaruk Willarn, Mayune Baluk, Boonwurrung Baluk, Yownegerra and the Yallock Baluk.

The Boonwurrung country covered the land along the coast from Werribee River East to Wilsons Promontory. It went inland as far as Dandenong.

Other kulin tribes visiting the country of the Boonwurrung were required to speak the language of the Boonwurrung.


Ocean/Sea ’warreeny

Port Phillip Bay Nairm

Water Banny

Fish Gurnbak

Kangaroo Guyeem

Man Guleeny

Women Bagurrk

Children Bubup

Camp Weelam

Wind Munmut

Dance/Ceremony Ngargee

from Carolyn Briggs (Boonwurrung Elder) and Steve Parker (indigenous Aquatics officer, descendant of traditional owners of Boonwurrung)