Chatters On Cowes

Chatters On Cowes is a long established women’s fashion boutique that specializes in quality, flattering, affordable clothing and accessories.

Chatters is situated at the rear of the Cowes arcade (34-38 Thompson Ave). You will find sizes ranging from 10 to 20+. Popular brands include Yvonne Black, The Ark Clothing Co., Kita Ku, Metalicus, Milleni leather, Pierre Cardin, Goondiwindi, Sash, Bonds, Equinox, Scope, Calico, Kohl, RJ Wear, Merino Wool, Hess, Zaya and Gitane. Natural fibers are favored and the colours chosen are guaranteed to bring joy to your day. Other labels include special boutique brands from Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy.

Chatters provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere with cheerful music playing and aromatic essential oils burning, all in air-conditioned comfort. The friendly staff can help you to enhance your particular body shape. Specialized assistance is given to anyone wanting to learn more about the styles best suited to their shape. The Chatters team are waiting to help you now.

Open 10-5pm Mon to Sat, 10-4pm Sun (open everyday except Christmas Day).


34-38 Thompson Ave, Cowes. 3922 Get Directions
5952 1211
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