Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Without a doubt, the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is the sweetest and most addictive attraction on Phillip Island!

Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate is a celebration of all things chocolate, with interactive machines to play with, fascinating facts and the ability to make your own chocolate on the spot. Once you’ve experienced this unique chocolate wonderland it is time to explore Pannys Chocolate café and Pannys Chocolate Shop to experience an extensive selection of chocolatey treats. From your very first taste you will fall in love with Pannys delectable Belgium premium hand made chocolates.

All visitors receive a complimentary chocolate on entry, plus your actual entry ticket is made of chocolate…so you can eat it! If you’re lucky, you will be offered one of Panny’s ‘secret recipe’ White Truffles too.

With a vast range of truffles, bars, clusters, gift boxes and animals there will be a Pannys favourite for you. And there’s more! The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is more than just a chocolate shop!


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